May 2, 2013

Mission #7, Day 4

I think that floral print is one of the funnest to mix, which is why when I spotted this dress thrifting complete with ready-mixed floral print and polka dots, I knew it would be perfect for Mission Week!

Speaking of mixing, my daughter is a chip off the old mixing block.  But not so much with clothes (she likes to match . . . completely), but with music.  The girl loves music.

For Christmas she got a radio, naturally.  And she loves to listen to the radio, but it also plays CDs.  She only has three of them so far and we get to hear them on repeat.

So what are they?  A Christmas CD by Bianca Ryan, the Chipettes and a story CD that Patrick got for the kids right before he was deployed about a dog and a bear.

I have to say, I've grown a little too fond of the Chipette's version of Trouble by Pink.  The Santa Claus is Coming to Town on repeat I could do without.

Polka Dot and Floral Dress-thrifted; Hot Pink Cardigan-thrifted; Coral Sandals-Payless; Pearl Necklace-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted by Patrick

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