May 20, 2013

Mission Mondays--Monochromatic and Color Blocking

I've stared at this post for a good hour or so contemplating.  I know my last post was pretty vague and heavy.  And I really didn't feel like talking.  But I had a one track mind last week.  Which left me wondering--should I talk about it, should I not talk about it, what should I say, should I say anything at all?

Ultimately I decided I did want to talk about it.  But not right now.  I want to gather my thoughts and we need to talk to some other people first I think.  

I had a weekend babysitting my nieces that was extremely recharging and just what the doctor ordered.  We kept very busy and it was a great distraction.  We went to a birthday party at a farm, rode horses, went to the Farmer's Market, swam in the backyard, had tickle wars and colored.

So, that means I am feeling a little better.  And I thank you all for your encouraging words.  Truly.  And that with my rejuvenating weekend left me deciding that--I was done hiding out and I was gonna talk today.

And I want to invite you all to link up to my Mission Week next week where I will be exploring monochromatic and color blocking looks.  

These photos are a few weeks old, but the black and brown striped polo I felt was appropriate for such a start to color blocking (or monochromatic).

Thank you all again.  I think I'm on the mend.

Black and Brown Striped Polo Dress-Lacoste, thrifted; Neon Yellow Satchel-Mondani, thrifted; Low Black Booties-Old Navy; Beaded Cuff-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted

Grab button for MISSION-WEEK

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