May 13, 2013

Mission #8, Day 1

We're going to start this nautically themed Mission Week out right with my absolute favorite thrifted (well . . . consigned . . . but still) high waisted sailor trousers!

To keep the look more modern instead of costume theme, I added a gingham print button down and some fun yellow accents.

There is an excellent story behind these trousers that I've shared on the blog before way, waaaaaay back in my first blogging days.  Many of you were not followers then so I am going to share the story with you again here.

I had just started working in Boulder and as a previous resident of Westminster, I needed to know where the local thrift and consignment shops were.  So I did what any girl would do in such a dire situation and Googled that shiz.  

I came upon the site of Rockin' Robins.  I was immediately drawn to the name, since my name is Robin of course.  Aaaaaaand, Robin, the owner, posts pictures every Thursday of items she gets new in the store.  Very convenient.  I saw these pants and needed them asap so I stopped in.

I got to talking to the owner, Robin, who suggested that I sign up for the weekly newsletter, which I did.  Little did I know that the 1,000th person to sign up for the newsletter would receive a $50 gift certificate.  And guess what?  I won.  Boo-ya.

High Waisted Wide Leg Sailor Trousers-B.B. Dakota, thrifted NWT; Red and White Gingham Button Down Shirt-thrifted; Yellow Suede Peep Toe Pumps-Nine West, gifted; Earrings-gifted; Watch-gifted; Yellow Cloche Hat-Target

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