November 6, 2012

Ups and Downs

Up:  Hate to say it but have to . . . woop woop on the election!  I'm pleased with the result.  And also ready to move on.  Yes ladies and gents--the election is O-V-E-R!  I can answer my phone or door in freedom now. 

Major Down: This is what we did this morning:

Down: Forgetting to pay attention to where Patrick parked.  Forgetting until the last minute to ask him.  We got lost.  We looked through and entire airport rooftop parking lot looking for the Jeep.  Only to find out that we were on the wrong side of the damn airport.   

Up: Kaden totally stepped up his "man in charge" routine from the word go.  I was crying saying goodbye to Patrick (not sobbing, but there were tears.  I was trying not to break down in front of the kids).  Kaden grabs my shoulder.  "We'll be ok, Mom." #heartmelted

Up: The kids' rooms have been trashed since the Halloween party and we've been trying to spend extra time with Pat before he left, so they've stayed that way.  But we had a deal that tonight those rooms were getting cleaned.  When we got home from work/school/etc. I sat them all down.  I told them that it had been a rough day, so we're gonna work together as a team to get this done.  Brielle was less than thrilled.  I didn't want to get upset, so I just walked into my room, closed the door and took five.  I didn't want to yell.  I didn't want to cry.  A few minutes later, I get a note slipped under my door:


Up:  After taking five and quietly letting out a few tears, I emerge to Conner.  "Mom, do you need a hug?" #heartcompletelymelted

Down: Sitting on the couch watching the election coverage and blogging doesn't feel the same without someone to share it with.  So when Obama won, I went and announced it to the kids.  We had a very split bias in our house.  3 for Romney, 2 for Obama.

Up: My grandmother knitted this cardigan and although it's been pleasantly hot here lately (no complaints here!), it was the perfect addition of comfy and love that I needed today.

Up: Moccasins and pockets in your skirt.

Up: A mid-week lunch outing with the kiddos.  Man, these kids can eat.  They are all about to hit a major growth spurt.  Which is crazy considering that Kaden is two inches shorter than I am.  Literally.

Up:  Taking my emotions out on a delicious dinner.  I made these pork chops, noodles, beans and mushrooms. 

Up:  During the 2000 election recounting fiasco, I was in the hospital giving birth to Kaden.  Are y'all old enough to remember that?  Thank the Lord they've upped the counting game.  I could not go on with this for another two weeks.  For real.

Button Front Midi-Liz Claiborne, thrifted; Striped Tee-thrifted; Red Cloche Hat-Target; Cardigan-made by Grandma; Moccasins-Target; Monogram Necklace-Target; Earrings-gifted

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