November 10, 2012

Ain't Nothin' Better


So remember the other day when I was with my kids at the dentist?  Well I somehow missed a call and didn't get to the voicemail right away.  When I finally listened to it, the woman said that she was trying to deliver something to me, but had missed me because I wasn't home to receive it.

(note that that is snow in my hair, not dandruff)

She couldn't bring it to me at work for some reason, but she promised to deliver it to me at home today. 

Well the day that she was supposed to deliver them, guess what day that was?  Patrick and I's two month anniversary.  So I got the delivery today:

 (Please excuse the old school tile in my kitchen.  As I've said, we rent.)

Is that not the sweetest thing ever?  I mean, I'm supposed to be sending him stuff (which I actually did send him a package today--by the way, sending packages overseas takes about two and a half weeks to get to an Air Force Base.  And you have to fill out some special customs report thing to get it there.  Lame.), and yet he was able to order flowers for me.

I just texted him to tell him thank you and I love you.  He says: "Obviously it delivered late.  Happy Anniversary."

There is nothing better than an unexpected gift.  What a way to brighten an otherwise grey, gloomy, snowy day.

Which, by the way, it is snowing today.  Like a lot.  But it's Saturday.  And we don't have no where to go or to be.  Now I can feel free to catch up on housework, start the Christmas DVD I do every year and finish up some Thank You cards from the wedding.

 You know that I hate the snow.  You know this.  But with beautiful, unexpected flowers, not having to drive in it, Magic Mike courtesy of Redbox (oh yes I did) and French bread pizzas in the oven, I think we'll be aight.

 Cardigan-Kohl's; Chambray Button Down-Lee; Floral Skinnies-Target; Shearling Booties-Mossimo; Watch-Patrick's; Earrings-gifted

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