November 7, 2012



Patrick works in IT.  Whenever something goes wrong with a computer, his very first step is to tell the person to reboot their computer.

To get over the bum-ness of him leaving yesterday, I tried to reboot myself today.

First, I took a long, hot shower.  Patrick had used all the hot water yesterday and I had to go sans shower (hence the hat).  Usually I get pissed at him for doing this, but since it was his last day, I let it slide.

Then, I kept with my normal morning routine with dropping the kids off at school and getting to work on time.

Between having to come in late here and leave early there, I barely feel like I've been at work the last few weeks.  It felt good to get a full day in and a lot got done.

It was Kumon day.  There is a Starbucks next door.  Usually, Brielle and I go get a treat for each of the kids while the boys get their work done and I bring home a coffee for Patrick.  They know the drill--"two grande white chocolate mochas, one for now and one for later."  Well today it was just one.  But it was a nice little treat.

The weather has been insanely and unseasonably gorgeous lately.  I was even hot in these socks and got rid of the jacket post haste.  But the temperature is supposed to cut in half this weekend and it is supposed to snow, so I'm taking full advantage of the bare legs while I can.

The kids and I got to Facetime with Patrick for a bit tonight.  He finally, after over 24 hours of flights and layovers, got to his destination.  That was awesome.

I am still loving the Christmas lights that Patrick put up before he left.  I don't care if people think it is too early nor do I care that we are the first house in the town to have them up and on.  They always remind me of two very important things:

A) Christmas is coming!  And although we have Thanksgiving first (but seriously, what excitement is there in Thanksgiving?  It's like not lighting fireworks early because Memorial Day is technically first.  Psssh) and although it is going to be a little sad this year (the younger kids are at their dad's house and Patrick will still be gone), it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.  Basically, it's gonna semi-suck while Patrick's gone, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  And . . .

B)  Patrick rules.  That was seriously, hands down, the most thoughtful, romantic surprise ever to come home to Christmas lights on the house.  Whatta guy.

 Leopard Print Wrap Sundress (worn as a skirt)-vintage; Mint Button Down-Style & Co., thrifted; Mint Striped Socks-Target; Knotted Cognac Booties-Charlotte Russe; Necklace-gifted; Bracelet-souvenir from Four Corners

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