November 16, 2012

Jon Kaden


Today is a very special day.  In Kaden's word, today was the day he became a "man".  He turned 12 at 5:12 this evening.  So in honor of my first born, here are three facts about Kaden:

Kaden is just like his mother (in so many ways, I'm told, especially when it comes to stubbornness . . .), but most importantly, he loooooves music.  His favorite band is Linkin Park.  He's got good taste. 

Kaden has grown an amazing amount in the last year.  Currently the kid is two inches shorter than me.  Literally.

Kaden is a very passionate kid.  There are several interests and hobbies that he has, but there are a few things (like music) in which he is truly very passionate about.  One of them is animals, namely dogs.  He's so good with them.  Watch out Cesar Milan!

These photos and thus this outfit is actually about a month old.  These were taken when Patrick was still here, when I had more time to take photos and the weather was almost too warm for a cardigan.

But I have been dying to debut this beauty of a dress to you all.  Of all places, I got it at the Salvation Army for something ridiculous like $6.  Perfect condition, softest jersey material, perfect amount of detailing and it fits perfectly.

And, bonus, it fits in perfectly with the Fall Fashion Challenge!  Today is grey which, as I was explaining to Megan earlier, I think grey is the sleekest of mysterious professional colors--not quite the sexy appeal of black, but still dark enough to be very flattering.

Today was a good day.  And I can't divulge all the details yet (sorry, I hate when bloggers say that, but I now understand why they do . . .), but I had a very good conversation with Justice of Colorado Fashion Week on the phone last night, so I was excited about that all day.

On top of that, I got to talk to Patrick for almost twenty minutes today--the most I've been able to talk to him since he left!  It was really good to talk to him.

Bert, one of the attorneys in the office, brought in a bottle of wine for Thanksgiving today since almost everyone (but the paralegals anyway), will be gone next week.  It was a rare occurrence and I didn't indulge in any wine, but it certainly made for an entertaining end of the day.

Currently, my brother and I are chillin' to the Notorious B.I.G. Pandora station and listening to the kids from the neighborhood all go ape shit crazy downstairs, waiting for pizza and bowling.

And not all the boys are even here yet for the party.  Pray for me. 

 Dress-Carole Little, thrifted; Burgundy Peep Toe Kitten Heels-Worthington, gifted; Fur Trimmed Cardigan-Kohl's

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  1. I am pretty sure I left you a comment on this outfit saying how much I loved it head to toe and wow great price on that Sheath.

    I also introduced myself. I am not sure why you haven't gotten it.

    ANYWAY, I Am Ada a newish follower and admirer of your blog. I hope you can come visit my page and follow me as well.

    Take Care <3 Ada.


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