November 24, 2012



 Come to think of it, these photos are quite Christmas-y, aren't they?  The gold jeans against the bows and boughs, just lovely.  I love Christmas.

Even though this look could very well work for a not quite formal, not quite casual holiday party, it was worn for quite the opposite.

Basically this outfit came somewhere between groggily and sluggishly getting out of bed to go get Kaden and doing little to-do's around the house.  Glamorous.

My mom gave me her flat iron while I was at her house yesterday as mine has been on the fritz.  Man, I am in love with it.  Look at how stick straight my hair is!

I finally, with the help of Patrick after he gets off of work and can remotely log into my computer, got my Christmas DVD all done.  Halleluiah!

Even though it is kind of harder to get in the holiday spirit this year without Patrick, I could never completely shun Christmas.  I have been getting my lists together and man, I forgot how much work Christmas was!

But the thing about it is that it is a fun kind of stress.  A feel good kind of stress.  I don't mind it a bit.  I find it so sad when people get all bah humbug about the holiday season.

Because usually those people are so consumed with making things perfect or focusing on the material component of gifts and shopping and stuff and forget about all the great things about the season.

Like the slow arrival of colorful twinkling houses to lighten up the drive home.

Or hot cocoa mustaches and sticky fingers from cookie batter tasting.  

Or having that perfect a-ha! moment when gift shopping and subsequently the "oh this is perfect!" return look when you get to give it.

Or catching up on the classics like Grinch or Charlie Brown, even if it means a little bit late of a bedtime on a work night.

Or just wearing gold skinny jeans just because.  Even people who are on the fence about them can at least say in the holiday season, "well . . . they are festive."

 Gold Coated Skinny Jeans-Mango; Black Sweater-Kohl's; Paten Leather Peep Toe Heels-Mossimo; Cape-Rue 21; Watch-Patrick's ;-); Necklace-Kohl's; Sunnies-unknown and really old

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