November 3, 2012

That's a First


 I only ended up working a half day yesterday because the kids and I were getting our military IDs at the base.

But seriously, it really wore me out.  Long drives, lots of waiting.  But it was cool because I got to spend some weekday morning with my youngins and Patrick and that is a very rare occurrence.

We even got to have lunch at the BX, or Base Exchange.  It's crazy.  Now that I have my military ID, I feel so privy to another world.

The Base Exchange, if you don't know, is like a little piece of commerce by the base wherein only those with a military ID may enter.  It's like its own gas station, mini-mart, food court.  It's crazy. 

The kids loved it.  Then, Patrick took all the kids back to school, while I ran to work.  But not before finding a quick spot to shoot some photos.  I pulled up to a park to this:

Nothing super impressively dramatic, but a little strange for Boulder.  I thought about finding somewhere else, but thought, nah.  If nothing else, no one is gonna bother me while I get this done right quick.  So I proceeded. 

I have this theory about the socks and sandals rule.  Typically, yes, socks with sandals is a no-go.  I'm thinking Tevas and tube socks people.  But if you pair cute sandals with cute socks, I think it's a'yight.  But that's just my two cents.

After running around this morning, coming into a cyclone at work and trying to stay in the loop of a family crisis simultaneously, I felt like I'd been working for ten hours yesterday.

Remember earlier in this post when I was opting to shoot these while the maintaining the peace parade was about ten feet away because my theory was that I was immune to any kind of socialization?

Well guess what happened?  Not that.  I don't know if my introvert personality automatically draws people to talk to me somehow or what, but I swear somehow I always end up with some sort of commentary when I take my own pictures.

As I'm happily shooting away, one of the officers walks over to me.  I thought he was gonna tell me I had to leave.  Instead, this happened:

"Hi there."
"Good afternoon." (I ain't one to start off on the wrong foot with a man of the law)
"You trying to take pictures of yourself?"
" . . . Need any help?"

Really?  Good thing you got an entourage of cop cars yonder protecting the good people of Boulder and yet still have time for a photoshoot.  Not that I didn't appreciate the gesture, but it just seemed a bit . . . off to me.  A cop in the middle of a . . . who knows what . . . offering to be my photographer.  Well, that's a first.

 Floral Pencil Skirt-Gap, thrifted; Chambray Button Up-Lee; Polka Dot Socks-Target; Sandals-Madden Girl; Watch-gifted; Necklace-Circle of Empowerment from Avon

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