November 26, 2012

Share the Covers--What a Wonderful World

We all know the original . . .

And if you don't know the cover, you should . . .


As planned, tonight my kids and I were going to deck the halls of the house.  My boys weren't into it, but Brielle was all about it.

It's a fun age when a child has that magical Christmas spirit with little to no material motivation for the holiday.

So I pretty much let her take the reins this year.  I held little to no direction to where things should be hung or how things should sit.

It's so nostalgic to go through Christmas decorations.  You grab an ornament you made when you were four or the homemade arts and crafts you've accumulated for the last twelve years.  It brings you back.

For me, there are two things that really get me in the spirit.  For one, the stockings that my grandmother made me.  Each of them hand sewn with about a million sequins.  She used to make one for us every year.  All five grandchildren.  All by hand.

The other is the nativity set.  I am not a religious person at all, but I do remember that the nativity set was my mother's most prized Christmas decoration.  It was very old, from her first apartment.  She would always delicately take each piece out of the wrapping and place them in the same way.  

When I got my first apartment, my mom got me a nativity set for my first Christmas.  I still use it and have the note she posted to it when she left it at my house as a surprise.  Tonight, I gave the nativity set to my daughter to set up whatever way she liked.  She went with the exact setup as the box it came in.  She was so proud.

Then we went through and labeled all the DVDs for the Christmas cards.  Her request.  She was so pumped for it.  And now she can spell Christmas with no problem.

Because she was still in the holiday spirit, she also wanted to help me sign Christmas cards.  We did the whole signing, stuffing, licking, sticker-ing and the whole bit.  She loved it.  Loved it.

It's also so cute to watch my daughter showcase some of my characteristics.  A little bit bossy--"you put the sticker on the back . . . riiiiiiiight?  *double checks my envelope* . . . ok you're good."

And a little bit motherly.  Mid working through the Christmas cards, she jumps up and announces "I'm gonna go check on the boys *walks two feet around the corner where the boys are and comes right back* . . . they're being good."

 Wool Plaid Midi Skirt-Space Legs, vintage; Chambray Button Up-Lee; Belt-Kohl's; Polka Dot Socks-Target; Booties-Ralph Lauren, gifted; Coat-Escada, gifted; Bracelet-souvenir from Four Corners; Monogram Necklace-K-Mart

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