October 1, 2011

Ban the Tube Top

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I found a new way to wear my favorite sequin tube top.  This phenomenon came to me randomly the night before.  

It was one of those outfits that I was unsure of when I first put it on.  "Eh, it's cute.  I guess it will work," says I.

But it grew on me throughout the day.  Especially when I was in line for my usual BK stacker for lunch.  I walked into the BK Lounge and this hippie guy in a beanie, with dreadlocks and piercings starts waving frantically at me.

I am always hesitant to wave at someone I don't know who seems to be waving at me (especially after this bit by Ellen Degeneres).  However, there was no one behind me so I waved back.  He starts motioning me to come over to him.  So, I did. 

"Man, I am totally digging the sequins.  This *motions to my tube top* whole thing is just fucking sweet.  Well done, dude," says hippie.  Man, I love hippies! 

White Button Down-thrifted; Sequin Tube Top-vintage; Black Skinnies-Kohl's; Booties-Ralph Lauren, gifted; Ring-Kohl's; Cuff and Earrings-gifted

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