October 10, 2011

Angel of Harlem

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 The best thing about music is the euphoria and nostalgia that it creates.  Sometimes the most random song can bring back the most random memory.

When I was growing up, my parents listened to all kinds of rock, but the three bands that I remember hearing the most were The Eagles (LOVE them), Def Leopard and U2.  Kinda random right?

Everytime I hear the song featured above, I am taken back to being a kid on about every third Sunday of the year when my dad would choose some random cleaning project in the house.  I remember this song with the smell of bleach and the memory of my dad yelling the words at the top of his lungs, whistling while stumbling on the ones he messed up or couldn't remember and doing this really awkward white man dance wherein he looked like he was being electrocuted.  

I wasn't planning on writing a post about my dad.  There's no reason really.  It's not Father's Day or his birthday.  In fact, we are not particularly close at all.  I don't really talk to him and see him on some holidays.

But this song came on my I-Pod and I couldn't help but think of my dad.  He is funny, social and a pretty cool guy actually.  Not bad for an old man.  ;-)  

So, I do know that my dad reads this once in a great while.  So, dad, if you're reading this--what's uuuuuuuuuuup.  The rest of you all, back to my original point, isn't it weird the memories projected and people that you think of when you hear a certain song?  

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