August 31, 2011


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For some reason, I seem to be in a neutral kind of mood this week.  Maybe it's because I wore a lot of bright colors the last couple of weeks fairly consistently.  I don't know.  But it just feels right.

This crocheted tunic was my absolute favorite thrift find from this past weekend.  I can't wait to pair it with some dark wash wide leg jeans in the fall.  And a scarf.  Sigh.  I am feeling conflicted with my love for summer and my anxiousness for fall. 

Another favorite score of mine from this past weekend is this elephant cuff.  Isn't it great?  I paired it with my elephant ring.  Too bad I couldn't pull off my elephant belt, but then again, that might've been overkill.

Elephants are my favorite animal.  My grandmother started collecting them for me since I was a baby.  She picked elephants because they are good luck.  I love how massive, majestic and yet gentle they are.  Such a beautiful creature.  I am honored to continue my elephant collections today.

I let my daughter pick out my shoes and necklace today.  She loves to dress me.  And, as you can see, even at only four, she does an impeccable job.   I've been dying to wear these ever since I got them and have not found just the right outfit yet.  So, this is their debut.  I love the pretty floral silk detailing on the front.  And the bow is a nice touch as well. 

As I was taking my pictures in this park, I got the usual nerve wracking "need help with your pictures?".  Why is it always a man asking this?  It concerns me on several levels.  One--do you even know how to work a camera?  I don't want no one effing up my stuff.  Two--do you really just want to take pictures or are you thinking that if I let you take my pictures you will open a window of opportunity for me to bond with you on some weird and awkward level?  Three--do you have any intentions of running off with my camera?  Four--it's awkward enough for me to take my own pictures with my tripod and self timer without having to "pose" and smile for a complete stranger.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Call me a cynic, but I would never in a million years let some random man take my pictures.  No way.  I don't know you, so therefore, I don't trust you.  Maybe they are just a nice person wanting to help out.  But there is a chance they are some freak.  I don't gamble with that schnit.  You can bet on that.  

Crocheted Tunic-thrifted; White Tank-Kohl's; White Jeans-Wal-Mart; Heels-Madden Girl, gifted; Elephant Cuff-thrifted; Rings-Kohl's and Department of Clothing; Earrings-gifted and DIY; Necklace-vintage from Grandma


  1. love your jewelry. one can never go wrong with neutrals, if you ask me.

  2. I love your neutrals AND I love elephants too! Elephants and giraffes are my favorites...two of the strangest looking animals if you think about it. I just bought an elephant bangle and I'm so excited to wear it soon!! Your daughter has great taste in shoes already. Style clearly runs in your family!

  3. cute top!! love your rings! (:

  4. I only let one strange man take my photos - My Husband!

    I love the crochet overlay piece. It's very delicate and airy. The bold gold jewelry is a perfect pairing, and the printed shoe the icing on the cake. My grandmother was very fond of elephant motif pieces in her jewelry. My mom has always been fond of bears and tribal - I eschew almost all jewelry! Maybe I just haven't found the right animal.

  5. You have the most incredible jewelry!

  6. Yay for elephants! Giraffes are cool too. I love their print. Thanks so much for your comment Allie!

  7. LOL right???? Whatta weirdo!!! Thank you so much for your comment Megan. You are always so kind and genuine. Hope your tie DIYs are going well! Can't wait to see more!

  8. those shoes are adorable!


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