June 2, 2016

Thursday Mixer--Camel Culottes

When I saw these at the thrift store nearly five years ago, I freaked the eff out and loved them loved them.  Then, one time I wore them on my blog and got some comment about how they made me look short and fat and I put them away for a while.  Then, when I broke them back out, I got on the front page of Chictopia and it was one of my best outfits on there.  The point is--go with what you love and don't let some assterd tell you what to wear.

I paid $8 for these.  I have worn them 9 times here which makes the price per wear under a dollar.  Freaking sweet, right?  And they are still my favorite culottes.

Top Left to Right-1, Now, 3, 4
Bottom Left to Right- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

Camel Culottes-thrifted
Chambray Top-Pink's Boutique
Fringe Bag-Marshalls
Leopard Print Slides-Target

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