June 3, 2016

Dear Frannie Friday--Pallet Inspriation

Last Friday my sister in law invited me to one of those pallet painting courses.  I gotta be honest, I was nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect.  But it was so much fun!  And I gotta say, my monogram project turned out really nice ifIdosaysomyself.  So it has gotten me in a crafty mood and here are some beginner projects I would like to do this summer:


My kids are serious bookworms (especially the younger three).  So we have books alllllll over my house.  This would be a really fun and useful project.  And it looks like it could be done at a beginner level as well.  Instructions and photo credit here.

Coat/Scarf/Bag Hanger

I could always use more clothing storage (just ask Patrick), but I thought these would actually be cool for the kids' rooms (particularly Conner's since we are still renovating his and he is currently sans closet.  This link is actually to purchase this cute little piece, but I am sure the instructions are pretty self-explanatory.  I love her use of different colors and patterns.


Coffee Station

There are two tangible things that I could not live without in this life: WiFi and coffee.  So I have a lot of coffee and I am a sucker for a cute mug.  My favorites at my house are ones that my grandma used to use with her name on them.  What a neat idea for storage!  And, again, looks fairly simple.  Instructions and photo credit here.


Backyard Decor

As I said the other day, summer is my favorite.  And during the summer, we host a lot of BBQs.  Since we bought our house in 2013, we have been doing a lot of work to it and with the backyard in particular (well . . . Patrick has . . .).  These look so simple to make and have the cutest little appeal to them, don't you think?  I could not find a link to the instructions, but the photo credit is from Pinterest here and, again, the instructions look pretty minimal as this is pretty self-explanatory. 


Bath Caddies

I know this one seems way too simple, even for me, but I have always wanted one of these and because both Patrick and I are obsessed with baths, it would definitely be used.  We both love to take our laptops or tablets into the bath and do work or just relax.  So what better gift than this . . . maybe for Father's Day?  Instructions and photo credit here. 

Handprint Art

I know, I know, who couldn't think of this on their own?  But since my family is now complete with Reilly (i.e. NO more babies!), I better get on this one.  After all, my oldest baby's hands are now bigger than mine.  Instructions and photo credit here. 

Justin Timberlake tee-from concert circa 2003
Skirt-Lilly Pulitzer, thrifted
Kitten Heels-Nine West, thrifted
Necklace and Bracelet-J. Crew, gifted
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted 

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