June 16, 2016

Thursday Mixer--Floral Trench

I thrifted this floral trench over five years ago and it was one of those "why the eff would someone ever get rid of this?!!??" moments.  And I still wonder that.  I love this trench and in real non-blogger life, I wear it often.  And every time that I wear it, I get compliments on it.  It is the perfect thing to throw on to just make your outfit more creative.  So simple.

I paid $15 for it thrifted five years ago and even though it has only made it on the blog a handful of times (4 that I could dig up), I have worn it in real life dozens of times.  Blog documented price per wear is only $3.75.  That works.

1, 2, Now, 4

Striped Linen Dress-Old Navy
Floral Trench-Gap, thrifted
Plotform Oxfords-thrifted
Earrings-DIY and gifted
Necklace-Charming Charlies 

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