June 13, 2016

Make it Work Monday #42

I've followed Poor Little It Girl's blog for a long time and she always has the cutest looks that are one part preppy, one part casual and all parts relateable.   

These photos have a side story. 

You'll notice the graffiti, TV and mattresses behind me.  This is in Longmont, my town, and not necessarily a "bad part of town" because, well, it's Longmont.  But this area in particular is . . . iffy.  And one of the fears that I always have when taking my own photos (which is 95% of the photos that I take) is that I will get mugged and my camera will be stolen--tripod and all.  

Well while I was taking these photos, there was a gentleman in the adjacent alleyway collecting various forms of metal and aluminum from trash cans.  Suddenly, he darted over toward my camera.  This was it, I thought.  This is where my nightmare comes true and my camera gets stolen and hopefully I don't die in the process.  It was all so fast, but also so slow motion.  As he approached my tripod, he crouched down and grabbed an abandoned spray paint can.  

He stood up, tipped his hat (which was imaginary) and told me to have a good day and scuffled off to carry on as he was.

I was terrified.  And also kind of embarrassed for judging this poor guy, thinking he was going to take my camera.  But mostly terrified.  And then relieved.  What a nice guy!  I wanted to give him change or buy him breakfast.  But I didn't because I'm an asshole.  And was still terrified.  

Sweatshirt Dress-Old Navy
Red ant White Striped Shirt-Marshalls
Shoes-Keds, thrifted
Earrings-Charming Charlies

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