June 20, 2016

Mission #85, Day 1--Olivia Palmero

I gotta be honest when I say that aside from being an amazing style icon, I have no idea who Olivia Palmero is or what she does.  But I do know that she dresses fabulously and that is all that matters for our intensive purposes.  One thing I love about Olivia's style is that it is very relatable, but yet also stands out.  This is a perfect example--black top and black trousers with bright shoes and blazer.


Black Harem Pants-H&M
Peplum Blouse-unkonwn
Orange Tweed Blazer-J. Crew, thrifted
Heels-Manaolo Blahnik (wannabes)
Necklace-J. Crew, gifted

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