June 6, 2016

Mission #84, Day 1--MAMA Week

This week, you guys, we are foregoing Mission Week in favor of MAMA Week.   

. . . 

So what in the hell does that mean?

Well, here's the scoop.  My bestbestbestbestbest friend Matty, whom I have mentioned countless times on this blog, waitressed with me back in our early twenties.  I got him a job at the Black Eyed Pea, where I waitressed.  And he and I and another waitress, Allison, became bestbestbestbestbest friends.  We were inseparable.  If ever one of us was missing, everyone knew to get a hold of one of us for direction.  We strolled into parties together and we threw some AMAZING parties together.  These two were the shoulders I cried on, the people I could rely on and the loves of my life.  And this week Allison decided to pick out my outfits for a week.  And it doesn't stop there--oh no folks.  Because Allison is also a gifted photographer.  So in TWO of these posts this week, Allison took the shots.  And they are pretty killer if I do say so myself.  She took these in fact!

Allison is the Janis to my Jopelin.  She is a true hippie through and through and I absolutely dig that.  So I was not surprised when she scooped up these high waisted flares, fun vintage vest and a crop top for this outfit.  And although I was a bit ashamed of my ever present mom tummy when I saw the outcome, recent events have caused me to not sweat the small stuff and appreciate the miracles.  So here is Outfit #1--pudge and all.  And I ain't sorry.

High Waisted Flared Jeans-Forever 21
White Crop Top-Amazon
Watercolor Corset Vest-thrifted
Wedges-Blowfish, c/o

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