September 16, 2015

Mission #66, Day 3--Don't Mix Black and Brown

No black and brown, no black and blue, no pink and red.  There are lots of banned color combinations in the fashion world.  Well there used to be.  But those days are over.  Now you can wear any of these combinations and they can look CHIIIIIIIC.  

Today is a very special day in my family.  Today is my sister and brother in law's 10 year wedding anniversary.  TEN.  YEEEEEEARS.  That's insane, right?  Well they have a very interesting story.  So I might as well share it with you all on this special day.

 My sister and brother in law met online.   I know, where's the interesting part in that story?  Everyone meets online these days.  But the interesting part is that when they "met" my sister lived with my grandpa up in Wyoming and my brother in law lived in Melbourne, Australia.  They talked for a few months and then Dion, my brother in law, decided to come out to meet my sister.

Well he came out in June for my sister's birthday.  He stayed for a few weeks.  And then . . . he proposed.  And then, three weeks after their engagement, they got married.  They were married by a Justice of the Peace and the reception was at a restaurant of family friend.  I was my sister's maid of honor in a dress we found on clearance for prom, with my cousin/sister as the other bridesmaid (pregnant with her first baby) in the same dress.  My sister was so gorgeous in a wedding dress we found in one day of searching at David's Bridal.  Kaden was the ring bearer, the daughter of the restaurant owner was the flower girl.

It was a whirlwind and not without conflict.  I was super protective of my sister and freaked out by the quick engagement and wedding and really wary of my brother in law.  Hey, I didn't know this guy!  And who comes to Colorado from Australia to just marry some girl?  

As usual, my lack of trust turned out to be just a paranoid and pessimistic overreaction.  Three little girls and ten years later and they are going strong.  They have not been without conflict.  But they have made it.  And I hope they make it tens of tens of more years.

Happy anniversary Sammie and Dion!  Here's to many many more!  Love more!

Camel Culottes-thrifted
Black Crop Top-American Apparel
Dark Wash Chambray Button Down-Target
Tweed Flats-Target
Bag-Bebe, gifted
Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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