September 8, 2015

Share the Covers--Wherever You May Go

Here is the original by The Calling . . .

 And the cover by Charlene Soraia . . .

Today is a big day.  Not only is it my first day of my new job, but more importantly, today is my and Patrick's three year wedding anniversary.   

 I remember waking up on this day three years ago with my stomach in knots.  I was so nervous, as a girl on her wedding day should be.  I did all the obligatory wedding day stuff--last minute wedding stuff, getting my hair done, freaking out that something would go wrong, getting a Starbucks with "Bride" on the cup.

Our wedding was in the later afternoon--I think 3 or 4.  The day seemed to drag on forever.  I just wanted to get the nerve-wracking part over with and be Patrick's wife.  But when we got to the venue at 2--everything went in fast forward and before I knew it, the wedding was over and Patrick and I were on the plane to Aruba for our honeymoon.

Between the nerves, the bustle and the copious amounts of wine that people kept feeding me--I really only remember little bits and pieces of the day.  But I do know that I remember how absolutely happy I was.  How beautiful everything came out and how much FUN it was.  People still come up to me today and tell me that our wedding was one of the funnest ever.

But the funnest part was getting to go through all the times since with this man.  The good, the bad, the funny, the sad.  We've welcomed a new family member, we've housed an older one.  We've bought our first house and our first brand new cars.  And the best part?  We've just started.

Happy anniversary Patrick.  I love you with all my heart.

Grey Dress-thrifted
Carpet Bag-thrifted
Nude Flats-Target
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

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