September 15, 2015

Mission #66, Day 2--Sequins are for Night Time Only

Sequins = fancy.  And for that reason most people reserve them only for nighttime or special occasions.  Good news--with the right pairings, you can break this rule.  For example, you can pair sequins with casual pieces like a band tee.  Ship shape!

So yesterday I talked about how awesome my new job is and it is . . . but one thing that comes with going from working part time to full time with a significant commute is PAINSTAKING MOM GUILT.

I was so plagued with it, in fact, that when I tucked my kids in before my first day, it suddenly dawned on me that . . . I would no longer be dropping them off at school--Patrick was taking that over.  I wasn't going to tell them to have a nice day.  I wasn't going to have breakfast with them.  I wasn't going to pick them up from school either--my mother in law was taking that over.  I wouldn't be able to ask how their day was or see what their homework was.

Additionally, little Reilly was starting day care.  He was previously staying home with my mother in law.  But she has MS.  And that disables her from being able to watch him full time.  Now I should say here that I am a BIG believer in day care for kids.  It helps them learn social skills that you can't learn at home in the same way.  Day care has tons of fun activities--singing and crafting and dancing and playing.  Not to mention, they learn a lot!  Alphabet, math and potty training--it's really great!  And Reilly is going to the same day care that my other kids went to so I already know the teachers (they are all the same still) and the curriculum.   But it is a change.

He's still adjusting to it.  He isn't a fan of being dropped off.  But he does well while he's there.  And since I do get to drop him on Thursdays (at the crack of dawn, but still), I get to experience the horror of his death grip while I have to pry him away to get to work.  And there is no greater heartbreak.  But I know that it is harder for me than it is for him.  And it won't always be like this.

But it's been an adjustment for sure.  The good thing is, though, that my small amount of time with my kids now--dinner time and a little bit before bed--has become incredibly precious.  I love it.  I keep away from my phone.  I don't let the little crap bother me like little messes because I'd rather spend my time with them having fun.  And every morning, even though I can't see them, I write them little notes.

I try to remind myself that I am not the only mom that goes through this.  And remind myself of how lucky I was to be able to work part time for that year so I could pick my kids up from school.  And how lucky I was to be able to drop my kids off all of the years that I did.  And how great it is to have the time with them that I do.  Quality time is so precious.  And I'm going to eat it all up.

Beatles Tee-Walmart
Blue Sequined Pencil Skirt-Forever 21
Highlighter Yellow Cap Toe Heels-Charlotte Russe
Clutch-CHI, thrifted

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