September 17, 2015

Mission #66, Day 4--All Your Accessories Must Match

Another fashion myth that needs debunked is that you must always match your accessories--specifically your belt/bag/shoes.  While matching them can look posh and put together, mixing and matching them can also look chic and put together.

I mentioned recently that I am putting myself on another shopping ban.  I put myself on one this summer and it worked really well!  I didn't even have a problem with it at all. 

The truth is, after my ban was over this summer I went a little wild with shopping.  It got to the point where every paycheck brought a promise of several fun little packages and suddenly I found myself with a ton of new clothes that I haven't even worn yet.

Not to mention . . . I hit a massive trifecta in thrifting last weekend with my sister.  It was one of those perfect shopping trips.  If you thrift, you're probably familiar.  Originally I had gone with her under the promise that I would only spend the $10 gift cards that I had won on Instagram AND that I would only buy clothes that would work for my new office.

I had several things on my wish list from my ban.  This included mint heels, pointed toe loafers and plaid trousers.  And out of nowhere I found all of them in one thrift trip!  It happens once in a while.  I've taken this as a sign.  I now have crossed off all of the items on my wish list.  And I have a huge pile of clothes just waiting for me to wear them.

So here we are again.  And I honestly feel fine with it.  And not to mention, I have an office to decorate.  And that is really exciting!  And after my birthday, we can revisit my shopping habits.  Until then, let the remixing begin!

Navy and White T-Shirt-thrifted
Watercolor Scarf-gifted
Mauve Pleated Skirt-Target
Gold Heels-thrifted
Bag-Coach, vintage

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