September 3, 2015

Mission #65, Day 4--White

The most scandalous version of the shirt dress is the one that literally just looks like a shirt that you wear as a dress.  Typically I wear my shorts underneath because while I don't mind being edgy, I do mind showing all my goodies.  Nonetheless, loving this shirtdress and I really wish I had the courage and opportunity to wear it more often.

Let me ask you something--do I look well in these photos?  Because let me tell you a story.  On this day, I felt just fine.  In fact, I was super excited because there was a blogger meetup for Denver Style Magazine.  I had missed quite a few key events while I was in Vegas with my mother and sister, so I was eager to get back in the game.

Not to mention it was being held at a boutique that I had been eager to check out.  And not to mention that my bestest best friend had unintentionally offended one of the employees of said boutique at a prior meetup and I was equally eager to make it up to him.  So needless to say, this was a very important meetup.

But some time between putting on this shirtdress and taking these photos, the night took a turn for the worse.  I started feeling absolutely horrible.  So bad, in fact, that I had to turn around and go back home.  And I unfortunately had to nix the whole night. 

It sucked.  But I can say that when I returned home, Patrick and Reilly were both shirtless, digging in dirt in the backyard--happy as clams.  So while I did have to endure some ridiculous weird sickness symptoms (not to mention some weird people staying in an RV in the parking lot while I was taking these photos), I did get to come home and remember what makes home so very, very appealing.  And while I was still bummed about missing the event, it really made it easier to swallow.

White Shirt Dress-Sheinside
Quilted Leather Slides-Target
Green Clutch-CHI, thrifted
Hat-vintage from Patrick's Grandmother
Necklace-oNecklace, c/o 
Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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