September 22, 2015

Share the Covers--5446 Was My Number

Here is the original by Toots and Maytals . . .

And the cover by Sublime . . .

Patrick and my anniversary was about two weeks ago.  Normally, we don't get each other presents because we usually do something for our anniversary.  But this year Patrick told me weeks prior that he had gotten me a present.  I was so annoyed!  This means that now I had to get him a present!  Ugh!  The nerve!  He assured me that what he got me was not expensive but still!  

So I got to work and busted my butt and made Patrick a really cool present.  And our anniversary came and went and . . . no present from Patrick.  I noticed after the fact that he had been uncharacteristically checking the mail every single day, but nothing was there.  I started to get even more annoyed--thinking he had made all of this present nonsense up just to get the goods :-)

But this weekend, it finally showed up.  And it was perfect.  He got me a Sock Fancy subscription!  This may seem lame to some people but guess what?  I love socks.  Because I hate to be barefoot.  So when I get home and throw my heels off for the day, socks go on my feet.  And I have no shame.  I will wear Christmas, Halloween, mismatched, neon or patterned socks all day errday.  So I love socks.  But prior to my first day at this new job, I also had a real concern that I was going to have to dress really boring.  So he got me the socks to bring in some of my personality because, well . . . this.  

I love this man.

Striped Maxi Dress-Old Navy (maternity)
Mint Cardigan-Target

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