September 18, 2015

Mission #66, Day 5--Never Wear Open Toe Shoes with Socks

This rule is one that is actually a little tricky to break.  But when done well, it can really look fashion forward and fun.  So I used some fun striped mesh socks that I thrifted (new with tags, obvi) and a bunch of fun colors.

I really love this dress.  Not only because it is yellow and yellow is my favorite color.  And not only because it is actually a "fancy" dress--in other words, I bought it at Macy's and not Forver 21 or a thrift store.  And not because it has always somehow really fit me rather well.

This dress was bought specifically for and worn specifically to my wedding recital.  I remember on that day, it started sprinkling.  And any bride knows, rain on your wedding day is like the worst case scenario--especially when your wedding is supposed to be outdoors, which ours was.  

I remember that the night before was Patrick's bachelor party.  So he and his wedding party were hungover AF.  I was nervous and things were so crazy because our officiant had only been hired for about two weeks.

But, as we all know now, the wedding went amazingly well.  And it was one of the best days of my life.  And this dress helps to remind me to be positive.  Ask my husband--I need all of the help I can get with that. 

Yellow Dress-Gianni Bini
Bag-Coach, vintage and gifted
Striped Mesh Socks-thrifted (NWT)
Yellow Heels-Nine West

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