September 14, 2015

Mission #66, Day 1--FASHION RULES TO BREAK--No White After Labor Day

What's the most common, most antiquated and probably most broken of all the fashion rules?  You are not allowed to wear white after Labor Day.  Silly isn't it?  Well, don't worry.  No one follows this rule anymore and neither should you.  And this week we are breaking all the rules . . . well at least five of them.  Here is a great example of a layered fall look that works well into winter and spring.  Because waiting until Easter to wear this look is just ridiculi.

So, I am finished with my first week at my new job.  And here is the verdict (get it--law office . . . verdict . . . #lawhumor)--

I.  LOVE.  IT.

It's a commute.  It takes an hour to get there and an hour and twenty minutes to get home (traffic).  But I still love it.  I go into work seeing the Denver skyline.  I come home right through downtown Denver.  On a total blogger-y note, SO.  MANY.  PHOTO LOCATION.  OPPORTUNITIES.

Everyone that I work with is super nice, helpful and patient.  I love them all already.  The senior paralegal is very nice, helpful and extremely stylish.  My boss, an associate attorney in the firm, is also stylish, has the same food obsession that I do and is really sweet--but also knows her shit.  The other paralegal/receptionist is the sweetest girl ever who is constantly bringing me fun supplies to help me through the day.  The other attorneys I haven't had too much personal time with but they all seem very nice and very good at their jobs.

One of the best parts?  I get my own office.  MY.  OWN.  OFFICE.  I did not have that at my old firm.  I get to decorate my office however I like--which means I need to start investing in interior decor.  So another shopping ban is currently in effect until my birthday.  My office is on the 9th floor and my huge window in my office overlooks all of Cherry Creek and I can see the Denver skyline in the distance.  LOVES.  IT.

The work is great--WAY busier than my last firm.  But I love that.  I've already far exceeded my billable hours for a month at my last firm in just my first week.  But the days go by so fast, which is really nice.  I thought I would be overwhelmed by the workload, but it turns out that I am quite familiar with most everything.  I've spoken to a few clients and have done a pretty good job with the transition I think.

As an added bonus, while I was in so much anguish over the assumed conservative dress code, it turns out that while it isn't AS lax as my last job, I still have a lot more freedom than I thought.  Colors and patterns are fine!  Skirts, dresses, all of that is ok!  And after seeing the turnout on casual Friday I feel even better.  I can TOTALLY do this.  I might even get to make an appearance with some items that I thought were totally off limits . . . after some time passes of course.

Career-wise this last week was the best of my life.  I am so excited to work with who I work with, to do the work that I am actually trained and studied to do, to be a part of such an established team of legal personnel.  I am so very proud of the firm that I work for.  Everyone in the legal field has been impressed and in awe of just the mention of the name.  Hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.  And the best part is?  It's only just begun.

White Jeans-Jordache
White T-Shirt-thrifted
Sleeveless Trench Vest-Charlotte Russe
Wedge Sandals-Worthington, thrifted and gifted
Necklace-Charming Charlie's
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted
Beaded Cuff-Kohl's

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