July 2, 2015

Thursday Mixer--Sequined Blazer

I got this sequined blazer off of the mannequin on a thrift-spree about eight months ago and I have already worn it five times.  It was one of those wish-list-but-only-if-I-come-across-it things for a long time, but when I saw it, discovered it was my size and tried it on, it was coming with me--$34 price tag be dammed.

 1, 2, Now, 4, 5

I actually wore this a month or so ago (it would be waaaaay too hot for that nonsense now) to a private screening of Pitch Perfect 2 with Denver Style Magazine.  It was pretty funny because a woman that I met at the function was asking me why I have a blog and as I have always told people--I am a mother and I work in the legal field, so I need a creative outlet that is just for me.

And she responded by appreciating that I run the blog so that I get to wear outfits like this one since I can't dress this way to go to work at a law office.  And I responded to that by telling her that actually I did wear this outfit to work today--AC/DC shirt, patterned pants and sequined blazer and all.

But hey, I figure.  There was a blazer involved.  Thus proving my theory that blazers can make any outfit bona fide professional.  Or, at a minimum, you can definitely convince yourself of it.

Windowpane Pants-Old Navy
Sequined Blazer-thrifted
AC/DC Band Tee-thrifted
Red Studded Booties-Target
Earrings-DIY and gifted

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