July 9, 2015

Mission #61, Day 4--Posh Spice

Posh Spice.  AKA Victoria Beckham.  AKA Fashion Icon.  AKA Can Pull Off Any Damn Look She Wants.  AKA  We All Hate to Love You.  She's the inspiration for today's look of a sleek leopard print pencil skirt and sheer sleeved blouse and glittery heels.

These photos were taken next to The Callahan House where Patrick and I got married two and a half years ago.  I love visiting here and taking my blog photos here since I live pretty close.  And right now is the perfect time to since the flowers are all in bloom and it is just flawlessly colorful and pristine at this time of year.

The only downfall to taking your pictures here is that it happens to be right next to a funeral home.  So from time to time there are people who are next door mourning the loss of a loved one and here I am like a moron with a tripod taking vein pictures of myself on the street.

When I notice that there are people at the funeral home, I usually tend to go into the garden to take my photos (it is free to wonder to the public when they don't have an event going on) so as not to bother them.  But once in a while you get a guy like this guy who makes me want to vomit (our conversation below):

A man that appears to be in middle aged with a large, round frame and greying, balding hair gets out of a car and is heading into the funeral home.  I start to pause in my photos out of respect and, of course, he yells over to me, asking what I am taking photos of.  Of course, I, as always, act like I am just messing with my camera settings and tell him "Nothing in particular, just checking the settings right now."  He responds with "Well . . . everything looks just fiiiiiine from right here."

And then I vomited in my mouth.

Leopard Print Pencil Skirt-thrifted
Glitter Heels-Target

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