July 10, 2015

Mission #61, Day 5--Sporty Spice

Well this was a fun week wasn't it?  We're finishing it off with a look that I think Sporty Spice would approve of.  We have leather joggers, a graphic sweatshirt, a spiked baseball hat and, for girly flare, silver pumps and a green clutch.

Don't mind my chipped nail polish, no make up and fresh out of the shower hair.  This was one of those days where I decided to dress up even though it was Saturday and the residents of Longmont gawked in disgust and confusion as I ran errands in leather jogging pants and a spiked hat.

Speaking of running errands, I feel it imperative for me to mention to you that tomorrow is Free Slurpee Day.  So don't forget to get your Slurpee on.  We probably won't for the pure fact that every 7-11 in our town never stocks up on those free Slurpee cups and run out and we never get one.

It also would've been my parents' anniversary, but they got divorced when I was 19.  It didn't effect me at all when they got divorced, but my dad decides to bring it up almost every single year--which is the only reason that I know it would've been their anniversary in the first place.

Seriously, why ruin a perfectly good holiday?  Stock your cups and keep your 14 year old divorce sorrows to yourself people.  Keep it classy.

Boom Sweatshirt-3.1 Philip Lim for Target
Leather Joggers-Target
Silver Pumps-Donna Lawrence
Green Clutch-CHI, thrifted
Spiked Baseball Cap-Amazon

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