July 6, 2015

Mission #61, Day 1--SPICE GIRLS--Baby Spice

This week's Mission Week is going to be reeeeeeally fun you guys.  This week is all about the Spice Girls baby!  A 90's sensation that will make every 90's girl and effeminate boy's heart sing.  And on this particular day, it is all about Baby Spice.  I tried to channel her playful yet borderline risque innocence with a baby(duh)doll dress in fun polka dots, tennis shoes and a no fuss vest (in denim, 90's duh).

And I didn't go pigtails (I've tried and look like the fugliest 12 year old on the planet), but I did bring back the milkmaid braids because I have not had long enough hair to do them in a couple of years now.  So yay! 

And this outfit felt very youthful and playful.  You will notice that in the second to last picture, I am really acting like a weirdo aka kid aka I don't care what people think aka boom aka mic drop aka I do what I want.

Polka Dot Dress-Fun2Fun, thrifted
Denim Vest-Christopher & Banks, thrifted and DIY
Black Tennies-Target
Buckle Cuff-H&M
Pearl Earrings-gifted by Patrick from Qatar

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