July 23, 2015

Mission #62, Day 4

Another thing that is harder to pull off?  Leather pants.  And KimK has the ability to do so numerous times seemingly effortlessly.  This was something I guess she wore to an airport.  I probably wouldn't do that (mostly because of the shoes--I'm not barefooting it through secuirty #nothanks #trichinosisaccordingtocarriebradshaw), but I would add it to Mission Week because it is that good.


This silver blazer is one of my favorite pieces.  I say that it is thrifted but in actuality, it was handed down.  When my mom worked in the corporate world (she is a retired bonafide hippy now--living in the mountains, raising chickens and touring the country in a VW bus), she used to have co-workers that would give her LOADS of hand me downs that she would hand down to me.

This blazer was actually part of a suit.  Yes, a SILVER SUIT!!!  Silver trousers and a silver blazer.  I got rid of the trousers, however, because they were a weird cut and fit me really strangely.   In hindsight, I should've taken those bad boys to a tailor and gotten full advantage of the silver suit.  Dammit if I haven't regretted that since the day I donated those trousers.

And it is moments like that that fully enforce and fuel my clothing hoarding tendencies.  I cannot tell you how many times I have cursed with my fist in the air for donating something that I suddenly want to wear or thanking my past self for taking something out of the donate pile when I found it was still in my closet.  

I have problems.  

Pleather Leggings-Walmart
Silver Blazer-thrifted
White Tee-thrifted
Bag-Coach, thrifted and gifted
Watch-vintage from Grandma
Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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