July 22, 2015

Mission #62, Day 3

I said it yesterday, but it bares repeating: KimK can pull off a crop top like nobody's business.  In fact, I am pretty certain that she is the one that paved the way for every body type to be able to wear a crop top if they want to.  It is, after all, very intimidating!  And don't worry, I did wear a blazer over this to work because, well, we can't all be KimK.


One thing is for sure--this outfit made me feel very sassy, as you can inevitably tell in these photos.  There was a lot of smirking and hair flipping going on.  What you can't tell was that it was incredibly hot and sunny and it also took me approximately 436 photos to get some with the proper light.

You see, I don't Photoshop.  I have no idea how it works.  I've been meaning to learn, but I just am super intimidated by the program.  To add to that, the only time that I have in the day (and I actually look forward to it because it is the only 15 minutes that I get to myself) is after work at about 1:30 in the afternoon.  This time is also known in photography world as "don't bother taking your pictures because the sun is directly up in the sky and your lighting will be crap."

Most of the time I manage by finding shade or someway to make the light a little less harsh.  But on really sunny days in the middle of summer--that is a really challenging task, especially in Colorado when the sun shines 300 of our 365 days.

I plan on doing a Dear Frannie Friday post on self-photography soon, but for now just know that after over four years of doing this, I have picked up on several little tricks and trades on how to make this schedule and weather work with my pictures.

And sometimes the best trick is to try dressing like a super famous, super beautiful celebritant for a minute and twirl around like you have endless disposable income and give no effs.

Black Pencil Skirt-Old Navy (maternity)
Grey Crop Top-Amazon
Nude Sandals-Payless
Black Clutch-Candie's

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