February 3, 2015

Mission #50, Day 2--Axl Rose

Welcome to the jungle lovers.  I also share my birthday with Guns N Roses front man Axl Rose.  Pretty freaking sweet, eh?

So this look called for something super rock star, obvi.  Leather pants, a sequined blazer and a new bad ass fanny pack (or as Megan referred to it via Instagram, a "Frannie Pack"--love it!) and I felt pretty bad ass.

 Last week on Thursday I went to pick my kids up from school as usual.  When Conner climbed into the van, he didn't look well.  He started to complain of his hips hurting, having a headache and being really tired.

I felt his forehead and it was burning hot.  I took his temperature and it was 101.5.  Freaking out that he for sure had the flu and I had about ten minutes to get him seen by a doctor before it was too late, I rushed him in.

When we got there about fifteen minutes later, his temperature had risen to 102.8.  I was freaking out!  They gave him a flu test and two strep tests.  But as typical for Conner, he was in amazing spirits for being so sick.  There he was--laughing and joking with a smile on his face even though he was too tired to open his eyes.

It turned out to be strep after all and he is feeling better now.  But I was so relieved to learn that he did not have the flu.  And I am always just tickled to see just how optimistic and strong my little Conner is.  He is a true rock star.

Leather Pants-Lip Service, thrifted; White Tee-old; Sequined Blazer-thrifted; Booties-Old Navy; Fanny Pack-Forever 21; Earrings-Charming Charlie's; Necklace-Kohl's

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