July 13, 2015

Make it Work Monday #18

Thanks to Instagram, I have been introduced to and subsequently obsessed with other Colorado style bloggers.  One in particular I have yet to meet in person, but I can tell you, nearly every outfit this girl puts on, she WERQS.  I love her eclectic style.  And so I decided to try to recreate one of her fun and colorful looks.  Be sure to check out ModaPrints for inspiration yourselves!

For several weekends, we have been gogogogogo.  This weekend was the first that we had where we didn't have much, if anything, planned.  I love those weekends.  They just feel so free and refreshing and spontaneous.  On Saturday morning Brielle, Reilly and I got to go to the Farmer's Market for the first time this season!  Usually we go every Saturday, but we have been so busy that we have yet been able to go!

About a half mile down the street, the Rhythm on the River was going on, so we walked over to check it out.  It was so hot but so nice to not be able to say "we can't go because we have to get ready to x, y and z." 

And for the rest of Saturday, we just hung out.  We jumped in and out of the pool, we played outside and then we went over to our very personal stylist/friend to get all our hair died.  Kaden, Conner and Brielle got blue in their hair (just strips) and I got red back in my hair.

Sunday morning we hung out and watched cartoons.  CARTOONS.  I cannot tell you how long it's been since I sat with my kids and watched tv aimlessly.  It's really lame but it sounded very vintage and just chill.

This weekend I am off to Vegas with my mom and sister for a Mother/Daughter Weekend.  And next weekend promises to be another busy one.  And before we know it, school is starting (yikes) and football for the boys and dance for all three of the kids.  

In other words, let's pool lounge, cartoon watch and take our time strolling through Farmer's Markets and local events now while we can.

Yellow Mini Skirt-Rue21
Hot Pink Sheer Button Up Blouse-Old Navy
Nude Flats-Target
Necklace-vintage from Grandma

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