July 20, 2015

Mission #62, Day 1--KIM K Looks

Let me get one thing straight right now--I am NOT a Kardashian fan.  In any fashion.  I don't watch the show, I don't support the fact that we have to hear about every. thing. in. their. lives.  I don't know why they are famous and I am not a fan of feeding into their constant media coverage.  HOWEVER, the style of the Kardashian girls is undeniable.  And for that reason, this week I am taking some style inspiration from them.

For this look, I did a pretty much copy of most of KimK's outfit, but I substituted the nude tank for a black top to try to recreate some of the amazingly sexy "blazer with no blouse underneath" look that she pulls off so well.  Unfortunately for me, I have the chest of a prepubescent boy and so it doesn't come off quite as well . . .


Guess what today is?  My cousin's birthday.  And not just any cousin, but my favorite cousin.  She is my favorite cousin because she is practically (and almost legally and technically) my sister.  My mom took guardianship of her when she was in high school so that she could attend a public high school and get transportation there.  She lived with us. 

Tina, or Dawggie as we call her, has not had it easy.  She is one of those admirable people who is dealt with challenges all of the time.  Our dads (also cousins) . . . were not the best role models nor the most reliable people in general.  When Tina was pregnant with her son, Avery, her mother passed away.  She has no blood brothers or sisters.

Tina is tough.  She doesn't take any shit--from anyone.  She is fun and she has a big heart.  And when she puts her heart into something, she does it all the way.  She is beautiful and has the best laugh ever.  I have been lucky to see her and her kiddos at nearly every family dinner or celebration and I am so thankful that we have the close relationship that we have.

The only thing better than a sister--is two sisters.  Happy birthday Dawggie!

 By the way, she hates this picture because she had just woken up and doesn't have make-up on and I caught her stretching but I think it is gorgeous!

Distressed Skinny Jeans-Kohls
Nude Tank-Kohls
Black Blazer-thrifted
Highlighter Yellow Cap Toe Heels-Charlotte Russe
Earrings-Charming Charlies

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