July 7, 2015

Mission #61, Day 2--Ginger Spice

Perhaps I am not completely up to snuff on all of my Spice Girl tirvia, but I don't remember anything about Ginger Spice other than the fact that she is a redhead and she wore this freaking dress below.  Like a lot.  So in order to sartorially channel her, I just went all out red--dress, cape and lips.

I actually wore this (again, several weeks ago when it wasn't baking outside) to a blogger meet-up for Denver Style Magazine at Inspyre Boutique (such.  cute.  stuff.).  And I always get compliments on this cape when I wear it, but I gotta say, it's not super comfortable.  

It's for real vintage so it has that itchy wooly fabric.  The arm holes are at an awkward stage for my arms.  It hits the middle of my arm so it is awkward to extend my arms and gets in the way all the time.  And, going with the vintage perks, the buttons don't fit quite easily into the button holes so while it is a "wear it when you have to/can get away with standing like a statue" piece, it is hard to take it off and put it back on.

So the cape is purely ornamental.  Fine.  I can live with that.  Perhaps, and I dare to even say this but, perhaps a bit like Ginger Spice.  I mean, she was great, but the only thing she is nicknamed for and the only style thing she is noted for is the red hair.  Sorry, Ginger Spice.  You're a vintage plaid cape.  #shewentthere

Red Dress-Old Navy
Plaid Cape-vintage
Black Mules-Vera Wang
Empowerment Circle of Support Necklace-Avon 

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