July 24, 2015

Mission #62, Day 5

As I've said, I am not a Kardashian fan.  But I have to say, dressing like a Kardashian has been fun this week.  And this look was one of my favorites--I think because it wasn't blatantly Kardashian, if ya know what I mean.


One of the main reasons that this was my favorite look was because of this pencil skirt.  I love this Pendleton pencil skirt, but it is extremely fitted.  And thus I have been unable to wear it since summer-ish of 2014, i.e. B.R.--Before Reilly.

Doing that juice cleanse was the best motivation I have had in a while, body wise.  It helped me lose a little more weight when I felt like it was a lost cause.  And that has really helped me maintain by eating better and wanting to eat better. 

And now I fit into this skirt once again and that is truly thrilling.  Pockets and endless styling possibilities make it a true favorite.  I cannot wait to see our future together.

Red Pencil Skirt-Pendleton, thrifted
Grey Turtleneck-WalMart
Red Cap Toe Heels-Chinese Laundry
Nude Clutch-thrifted

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