July 8, 2015

Mission #61, Day 3--Scary Spice

Not so secretly (and probably not too surprisingly) my favorite Spice Girl was Scary Spice.  She was fearless, sexy and could rock a fro and a jumpsuit.  #nocontest


Well Scary Spice donned a jumpsuit and fro, so I wore a jumpsuit and fro.  And I carried a no bullshit attitude about me all day, as evidence by the rocker pose above.  I put on my best 90's-esque platform sandals, added some leather for toughness and a vibrant red lip and red scarf in my hair because IDGAF.  

But the scariest thing happened to me in this outfit on this day at this moment of my taking my blog photos.  This brick wall is the back way to a sports equipment store.  I have taken my photos here dozens of times and there has never been an issue.

But on this particular day, I had this place in mind for absolute sure and got there and set up and took a couple of pictures and two employees of the store came out the back door to take some trash to the dumpsters.  Well at this point, I am all set up.  I'm not going to go somewhere else.  I'm not going to have them watch me wait it out and then pack it up.  So I just have to wait it out.  It shouldn't take long right? 

Wrong.  So wrong.  These freaking buttholes took 8 minutes to take the trash out.  So I had to, for 8 terrifying minutes, stand there with a tripod, a DSLR camera, decked out in red lipstick, a leather vest, a scarf in my hair and a clear look of frustration on my face and just wait for these slow ass people to get their shit together so I could finish what I needed to do.  Scary Spice would've never put up with that shit.

Black Jumpsuit-thrifted
Leather Vest-Forever 21
Scarf-gifted from sister from Australia
Leopard Print Heeled Sandals-Target
Fox Necklace-Charming Charlie's

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