June 1, 2015

Make it Work Monday #15

I'm really excited about this Make it Work Monday because I am trying to channel one of my favorite blogger's looks--Toni from Style for the Camera.  She dons the cutest 90's-esque style looks--plaid, platform Mary Janes, pretty floral dresses.  But in this look, she combined leather and tweed.  I loved the unexpected combo.

 This weekend I said goodbye.  Goodbye to my baby brother, who has also been living with us for the last year.  It has not always been easy.  There have been several rough patches.  But there has been a lot of good--front row for when he pulls out the guitar, Scrabble, laughs and movie watching.

He has been severally physically debilitated with his seizures.  Because of his seizures, he cannot drive (and because of his serious car accident back in December, he has no physical car).  He relies on us for rides and we have to watch certain things with his seizures.  He is significantly younger than me--six years.  He grew up in a totally different environment than I did--largely with my dad while I had meanwhile moved out with my baby.

But we were always close.  And grew closer still over the past year.  But the opportunity came up to move down with my uncle who is a scuba diving instructor in St. Croix and he has decided to try to start a new beginning down there.  It's the perfect timing for him--no wife or girlfriend, no kids, no career going on--and with his music and poetry it could be a perfect fit.

I worry about him, of course--the seizures as well as other temptations.  But at some point I have to let go.  I keep telling myself that I have to let go and allow my brother the opportunity to have what could be an amazing new life start.

So he'll go.  And I'll be here.  I'll miss him terribly.  My family gets together nearly every other weekend or so.  I'll miss his music and his humor.  I'll miss his trivia and his enchiladas.  But I will be happy for him.  

I just . . . I hate goodbyes.  But I love my Brotha-man.

Love more Brotha.  Happy trails.

Leather Joggers-Target
Mint Tweed Blazer-vintage
White Tee-Target
Silver Clutch-Shoe Carnival
Necklace-Uncommon Goods, c/o

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