September 1, 2014

Make it Monday #2--Chocolate Edible Playdough

A few weekends back Patrick and I instilled, as we often do, a "no electronics day" for the kids.  Usually this is met with some resistance at first.  And sometimes it takes just as much creativity and resilience from the parents as it does the kids. 

As usual, we turned to Pinterest.  And there we found the idea to try edible playdough--specifically Chocolate Edible Playdough.   Here's how that went for us:

It was my daughter and I making it.  She is seven.  So she's probably just on the cusp, at this juncture, between being too old for playdough and enjoying playdough.  But what she always enjoys is chocolate, so we began.

We actually had all the ingredients on hand and there weren't very many of them.  I always look for this as a qualification when looking into crafts with the kids.  Having to go to the store and spend money can kind of kill the creative mojo.

And all the ingredients dumped, essentially, into one bowl and was mixed together.  So simple steps, which really helps the kids stay involved in the process.  That's important.

Happy to report that the dough more than passed the taste test.  The kids loved it.  I tried a little.  It tasted just like brownie mix but there are no eggs in it so it's pretty dangerous in that you can essentially eat your heart out without worry of getting sick.

So here's the only problem I found with this project--as I said, Brielle is at the age where she's almost too old for playdough.  So once the dough was actually made, all she pretty much wanted to do was eat it.

But not before Conner could make a chocolate playdough shark.  Pretty cute right?

 All in all this craft gets 4 out of 5 stars.  It's easy steps, minimal ingredients and tastes great.  But that last thing could be detrimental.   Proceed with caution crafters.

Paisley Palazzo Pants-Target; Halter Top-Old Navy; Coral Sandals-Payless; Earrings-gifted; Bracelet-souvenir from the Four Corners 

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