September 12, 2014

Mission #41, Day 5--Mixing Metallics

And so we have our last look with metallics for Mission Week.  For today's look, it's no holds barred.  We're mixin' metals yo!

As with many, if not all, of the fashion "rules", the "never mix gold and silver" rule can be done away with.  That and never wear black and navy, don't wear white after Labor Day, don't mix patterns, etc. and so forth.

For me, I've always thought mixing metals was fine, but it can be tricky.  After all, silver and gold both can signify things on their own--holidays, fancy attire, disco fever.  You definitely don't wan to exacerbate any of those stigmas--unless of course it is applicable.

So chose a couple of lower key pieces that you can throw together--like this blazer and these heels.  They run the show in this otherwise simple outfit of black jeans and a white tee. 

 Add in a few quirky accessories, like this mustache necklace and oversized boyfriend watch, and you're all set for a versatile outfit.  There is just one problem that I have with mixing metals . . .

Every time I wear silver and gold, I can't help but sing this song.  And then it gets stuck in my head.  And now it'll be stuck in your head.  And now my sister is gonna kick my ass for getting it stuck in her head.  Sorry Sammie*.

*$20 says my sister didn't even have to click on the link to know what song I'm talking about. 

Silver Blazer-thrifted; White Tee-Kohl's; Black Skinny Jeans (Maternity)-Old Navy; Gold Heels-thrifted; Watch-Patrick's; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted; Glasses-Bebe; Necklace-Charming Charlie's

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