August 29, 2014

Mission #40, Day 5--The Jock

Maybe it's my repulsion for football that has been ingrained in me since I was a girl watching my entire family freak out over flags and tackles and touchdowns.  Maybe it's the backlash I got from the jocks in my school from being "different" and being called Pocahontas relentlessly.  Maybe it's a combination of many of these kind of things.  But I am not at all a sports person.

So dressing sporty has always been a challenge to me.  But I do love sporty pieces, ironically enough.   I have always loved a good varsity jacket.  I'm totally into baseball caps.  I can't tell you how elated I am that sweatpants can be paired with heels now and it's considered stylish.

Now that my two older boys are immersed in sports nearly year round--baseball, football, track and swimming--it is a little hard to escape.  I can get into baseball, but I still don't get the rest.  But I do want to encourage their involvement. 

Sports are so important for kids.  They learn teamwork, confidence, pride and discipline.  They can meet friends and learn so many important life skills.

And just to think, I have another boy now.  Another boy who will be into sports before I know it as well.  My daughter hasn't shown interest in any sports yet, but who knows?  She might be a star basketball star or something.  

But it is a job having kids in sports.  Literally once one sport ends, the other starts--usually within the same week.  There are practices and games almost every day of the week.  That means extra travel, no sleeping in on Saturdays and let's not talk about the cost of registration and equipment.  But it's worth it to see them grow with their teammates and the smile on their faces when they know they're improving.

Spiked Baseball Hat-Amazon; Black Hooded Tee-Kohl's; Pink Varsity Jacket-Marshalls; Silver Sandals-Target; Grey Sweatpants-Old Navy; Necklace-c/o oNecklace; Earrings-Charming Charlie's

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