September 11, 2014

Mission #41, Day 4--Metallic Accessories

A more subtle way to sport metallics?  In your accessories.  Here I have silver oxfords and a silver bag.  Nothing over the top.  Just enough silver to add interest.

Something I've always ran into since I became a mom is the statement "You look too young to have kids!"  Now, granted, I did have Kaden at 18 years old.  So back then, maybe.  Maybe it was justified.  And, yes, I will probably be grateful for this comment when I am older.

And sometimes I think people mean for it to be a compliment.  And maybe I'm a little defensive.  But I have had people (usually older women) throw me shade like I'm some Jezebel or something.  (I'm not.)

Recently, I was on a walk to pick my kids up from school with Reilly in his stroller.  This older woman neighbor that I had run into a few weeks prior was outside watering her lawn or something.  We exchanged niceties and then our conversation does this:

Her: "You know, not to be weird, but I am great with kids.  I watch my grandkids all of the time.  So if you ever need anyone to watch the baby, you can let me know."
Me: "Um, thank you.  My mother in law comes over to watch him though."
Her: "Oh!  You're married!"
Awkward pause
Her: "Do you have sunscreen on him?"
Me:  "Actually his doctor told me that because babies' skin is so translucent, they shouldn't have sunscreen on until they're six months old.  I even have organic sunscreen in this bag here, but she said just to keep him shaded.  That's why I have this blanket on the stroller.  It's strange, I never heard that with my other kids."
Her:  "Other kids???  How may other kids do you have???"
Me: "He's my fourth."
Her:  "You have four kids???  You look . . . wow!  I would have never guessed!  I thought you were 17!"

Ok, so . . . weird right?  I mean she wasn't being rude or anything.  But I'm not 17.  By a long shot.  And it's kind of not as cool to look young when looking young means you don't even look of legal consenting age.  And even if I was 17, I probably wouldn't leave my baby with random neighbors.  #justsayin

Navy Joggers-Wayf from Nordstrom; Floral Tank-gifted and thrifted; Black Crop Top-American Eagle; Silver Oxfords-thrifted; Earrings-gifted; Buckle Cuff-H&M

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