September 23, 2014

Mission #42, Day 2--Tweed Cape

Today I'm styling a more classic kind of cape.  The tweed cape.  The grey cape.  The quasi conservative serious cape.  So I did what Anna Wintour refuses to do and went head to toe black on this bad boy.

So are you all familiar with the brain teaser about the fox, the chicken and the sack of grain?  Basically, it goes like this--you have a fox, a chicken and a sack of grain that you need to take across a river.  Your boat is very small and can only hold one item at a time.  You have to get all three across the river--what do you take first?

The predicament lies in that you can't leave the chicken and the fox alone together or the fox will eat the chicken.  You can't leave the chicken and the grain together or the chicken will eat the grain.  Not only do you have to worry about which to leave together to make the first trip, but you have to worry about who to leave on the other side when you go to get the last item.

It's an interesting situation isn't it?  Well guess what?  I relate that to just about every instance when it comes to seating and my children.  I voiced this metaphor to my brother this weekend.  We took a road trip to Nebraska.  We took our minivan and in our minivan we were going to seat me, Patrick, my brother, my cousin and my four kids.

And so we had to seat the kids in such a way that, in a four hour drive, we wouldn't hear fighting and arguing.  We had to separate Conner and Brielle for sure, but Brielle and Kaden wouldn't be able to sit together either.  We wanted Kaden and/or an adult next to Reilly to help with possible feedings.

And any parent with two or more children can relate.  It's seating arrangements in the car, at the dinner table, during plays and movies, on the couch--EVERYWHERE.  It's kind of ridiculous.  But if you've ever listened to siblings bicker, you know that it's worth the trouble. 

I don't know what the answer to the kid situation is and obviously it differs every time, but if you want to know the answer to the chicken/fox/grains problem, you can find it here.  

Case in point: raising kids is a constant brain teaser.

Grey Tweed Cape-Rue 21; Skinny Black Jeans-Old Navy (maternity); Embellished Blouse-Kohl's; Black Booties-Old Navy; Earrings-gifted; Glasses-Bebe

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