September 25, 2014

Mission #42, Day 4--Plaid Cape

Welcome, blog, to my favorite cape and one of my most boasted thrift finds.  When I found this cape hanging lonely-like in the thrift store, I had one of those moments that all thrifters are more than familiar with--I hastily scooped it up and clenched on to it for the remainder of my shopping trip.  I was sure someone would realize the huge mistake they made donating such a gem and come back to reclaim it.

So this past weekend we went to Lake McConaughy.  If you're unfamiliar, it's a lake in Nebraska that I would dare to say rivals that of a beach on the coast.  The sand is fine and perfect for sand castles.  The water is pretty clear and calm.

We've gone quite a few times with the kids.  We like to stay at Eagle Canyon Hideaway.  It has adorable cabins, showers, bathrooms, a park, an outdoor swimming pool, a convenience store--all the elements that I like to "camp" in.

And it has wi-fi.  Sort of.  It's pretty spotty.  On the way up, my brother and cousin announced that they didn't bring their phone chargers.  My family is not big on social media.  In fact, I'm the only one in my immediate family besides my dad (who is rarely on it) to have a Facebook (well, my mom very recently joined--at my request) and I very recently convinced my sister and dad to get an Instagram.   I gasped.  How could they do that???  But then it gave me an idea.

I decided to go the weekend without my phone.  I turned it off.  I didn't check Instagram or Facebook.  I didn't text anyone.  I didn't Pin anything or check my blog stats or read other blogs.  I just . . . hung out.  The old fashioned way.  And while it was admittedly embarrassingly difficult, it was nice.  I think I might be a little more plugged in than I thought.  And now I know that I may need to unplug a little more often.

Mustard Dress-Free People; Plaid Cape-vintage and thrifted; Suede Wedges-Target; Cognac Bag-Taget; Earrings-Kohl's; Prada lookalike Sunnies-shop in mall

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