September 8, 2014

Mission #41, Day 1--METALLICS--Metallic Skirt

This week for Mission Week we'll be hitting up one of fall's most beloved trends--metallics.  Silver and gold used to be reserved for fancy parties and holidays.  But those days are over.  Now you can sport your metallics all year long and for nearly every occasion!  Rejoice!

For this look, I layered what would normally be a formal silver dress under a cropped striped sweater and tough leather jacket.  This obviously dressed the look down and toughened it up.  

But the real fun fact about this outfit is where I took it.  I took these photos at The Callahan House, which if you've been a FP reader for a while (or know me IRL), you may realize that is where I got married to Patrick.  Two years ago.  Today.

Yep. It's Patrick and I's two year anniversary today.  Such a special day.  We went out this weekend to celebrate it.  Nothing fancy--dinner and a movie.  But fitting as that was our first date.  We saw TMNT (good!).  On our first date we saw Toy Story 3.

We took the motorcycle up--probably taking it out for the last time this year before the cold takes over.  We parked at the restaurant and walked a few blocks to the theater while Patrick obliged my longing for cute clothes and outfits in the windows of my favorite stores.

It's amazing how much things change over the years.  In the past two years, we've bought a house, had a baby, went on vacations we'll never forget, bought a minivan.  So much has changed since we got married.

 But, just as amazingly, so much stays the same.  We both make each other laugh, we enjoy each other's company and enjoy the simple things in life.  And, two years later, I still feel so lucky to have him as my husband every single day.

Silver Pleated Dress (worn as a skirt)-thrifted; Navy and White Striped Sweater-Banana Republic, thrifted; Red Heels-thrifted; Black Leather Jacket-Target; Anchor Necklace-Charming Charlie's; Earrings-Charming Charlie's; Spike Bracelets-Kohl's

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