September 2, 2014

Share the Covers--Imagine

 The original by John Lennon . . .

And the cover by Blues Traveler . . .

I'm not gonna lie.  Labor Day, for me, sucked.  It really did.  It was just one of those days when everything was going wrong.  I was tired, I was sick and I was in a mood.

And it's fine.  Whatever.  It happens.  I probably shouldn't have paid too much attention to everyone else's amazing looking bbq by the pool Labor Day posts too much but whatever.  It just sucked for me.

One thing that didn't suck, though, was the fact that our neighbor was getting rid of a whole tub of CDs.  What kind of CDs, you ask?  Well just about every iconic CD of the 90's you can imagine.

Most of the songs I had on my iPod, but very few of them did I have the entire CD.  I was so excited.  There was everything from Tori Amos to Social Distortion to Salt N Peppa to Butthole Surfers.  And this version of Imagine by Blues Traveler as well.

I know that we as a society have moved past CDs, but I love them.  I love hearing the songs by bands that are not on the radio.  Music makes me happy.  And it can certainly help to turn a day of suck around for the better.

Mint Skinny Jeans-Kohl's; Neon Yellow Tank-Old Navy; Mint Mesh Sweater-Target; Neon Yellow Satchel-thrifted; Studded Flats-Target; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted; Fringe Necklace-Charming Charlie's

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