September 19, 2014

Dear Frannie Friday--Kids Say the Darndest Things

After talking about Conner's recent funny statement yesterday, I started thinking about the other kids and their funny little sayings.  Like my daughter, for example, who had the weirdest phrases for things.  First of all, she couldn't pronounce "w" for some reason.  She would replace it with a "y" sound.  So window was "yindow".  She also would randomly duplicate things like she called slippers "slip-ips" and fingers were "fing-fings".  She wouldn't say "my", everything was "mine" so "my fingers" would be "mine fing-fings".

I remember my mom telling me about a time when I was about three years old sitting at the table, and I vaguely remember this actually.  I had made a discovery earlier in the day that I was extremely proud of and I decided to share this information.  "Guess what mom?  I have magic eyes."  My mom responded as every parent would "You do?  How?"  Very matter of factly I stated "Well I can make lightning with my eyes."  And then I proceeded to blink my eyes very quickly.

Another of my favorite stories was when my sister was about five or six years old.  My mom used to nanny handicapped kids at the time and one of them was Wayne.  He was mentally disabled and about 20 years old.  My sister had a speech impediment and could not pronounce her "r"s.  So my name was "Wobin" and not Robin.  Well one day there was a huge storm.  My mom and I were in the kitchen when my sister raced in yelling "Mom!  Mom!  Wain is coming in my bedwoom window!  Wain is coming thwogh my bedwoom window!"  We thought she meant Wayne, the kid, but she meant rain.

Recently, my sister ended up with a lot of flies in their house.  My sister was leaving with her daughters somewhere.  Her husband told my sister that he was going to stay and try to get rid of the flies.  My oldest niece Anya says with vengeance "Make them wish they were dead, Daddy," she said and then she raised her fist "And then, grant their wish."


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