August 29, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Gold Vintage Elephant Belt

You know those items that you love and could never part with but hardly ever get to wear?  That's my gold chain elephant belt.

Elephants are my absolute favorite animal.  My Grandmother started a collection for me when I was a baby and I've always loved them.  I bought this belt at my favorite consignment shop, Rockin Robin's, two years ago for $20.  That makes the current price per wear only $5.  Still a steal, though, if you ask me.

Top Left to Right-1, Now
Bottom Left to Right-1, 2

The thing is that it is too big to fit through belt loops, which is problematic.  And there is a chain that hangs down so it makes it kind of hard to style sometimes.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Call me a freak, but it was only recently that I realized that Monday is Labor Day.  Which is awesome!  But it is making this week drag on for sooooooo freaking long.

Do I have plans?  If you count trying to pack a house while simultaneously trying to find something fun to do with the kiddos who get to be with me this year--then yes.  Yes, I have plans coming out of my ears.

Pencil Skirt-gifted; Mustard Blouse-Elle; Elephant Chain Gold Belt-vintage; Leopard Print Heels-Target; Watch and Earrings-gifted

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